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Enjoy receiving and reading your weekly newsletter. You mentioned a recent 20 pound weight loss and you'd be dishing. Can't wait!

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Will dish soon, Sadie! Thank you for reading and I hope you will continue to enjoy it.

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Losing and gaining so much like me over the years and what you’re doing now. I walk too with our dog — keeps us both in shapeno gym dues, no driving, no youngsters to be envious of, and outside helps my mood, quiet time helps to think, meeting neighbors out walking helps loneliness.

I have same views on eating too and actually like vegetables more. Skip the kale though. We use real butter instead of oleo, and 2% milk. No Diet Coke or fake sugars. I think they only make me crave more sugar.

I don’t own a scale anymore, but just know I need to cut back when pants get too snug. I love to bake, but give most away to friends, and family. I make all from scratch so more satisfying too.

My husband and I both love to eat, but he still weighs the same as high school. Not fair!

To be honest I’m not svelte but “pleasingly plump”.

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THANK YOU for recommending Shuggie Bain. The writing is SO evocative! Makes me wonder why people love Scotland so much (like my father did!)

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