Announcing Additional Amy!

This is where I ask you to pay me for what you're already getting for free

I am outstanding in my field:

Hello loyal readers — if you look closely, you can see me in the middle distance, standing in a field of what we locals call Dames Rocket, which blooms in all its glory all during the month of June.

June is in fact busting out all over, and to celebrate, I am announcing the addition of paid subscriptions to my newsletter readers.

All of you early-adopters (and there are a lot of you, so thank you SO MUCH!) will continue to receive what I’m calling my “premium content,” which is the free newsletter containing a short essay, links to interesting stories I want you to see, and the wonderful work of my contributors.

But wait … there’s more!

… for $5 per month, or the discounted price of $50/year, in addition to the premium newsletter, paid member-subscribers will receive ONE additional email each week from me (I don’t want to flood your in-boxes).

[And now, a short digression….]

Every Thursday during the taping of NPR’s Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me, host Peter Sagal tells a joke to the live audience in Chicago. (These are people who have paid for tickets and waited for weeks to sit in the theater where we tape the radio show.):

Peter looks at the attentive audience and says: “Congratulations! You’ve just paid to be in the audience for a show you can listen to for free!”

Like those in-person audience members paying for a free radio show, paid member-subscribers of the Asking Amy newsletter will able to peek behind the scenes, as I share my little world with you.

[Hair today, goon tomorrow…]

You will receive one email a week which will contain …

… A thing that will make you feel good.

I will NOT be commenting on the news of the day.

I will NOT discuss whatever atrocity or social media meme is currently setting the Internet aflame.

Instead, I might offer you a few moments of peaceful snowfall

A quote or concept I’ve been inspired by

A remedy I’ve found healing, or a discovery that has intrigued me

A draft of something I’m working on

Or … a few moments of my ever-smiling dog, Molly, romping.

Additionally, member-subscribers will be invited to a monthly opportunity to AAA: Ask Amy Anything. This discussion will be held right on the newsletter, where I will open up comments and do my best to answer all questions on any topic.

After three months or so, I plan to take this monthly discussion into a video format, where we will use ZOOM or a similar program to see one another and talk more or less in-person.


Weirdly, since I write a daily advice column read by a lot of people, communicating with you in this way feels fresh to me. I enjoy cracking open the door a little bit into my own life, and I treasure bringing you the voices of my contributors, who are all new at this and doing such interesting work.